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Concordia Lutheran School and its supporting congregation, Concordia Lutheran Church are committed to making every effort to provide Christian education to every family that desires it.  Since the entire cost of tuition may be difficult for some families to afford, Concordia offers assistance for qualifying families.


  • All families are expected to pay the full Enrollment Fee, as well as a portion of the tuition.

  • Only one scholarship form needs to be completed per family.

  • All fees must be paid and balances cleared in order to be considered for any of the available scholarships.


Kindergarten - 8th Grade Scholarship Opportunities

1)  Indiana School Choice (State Vouchers)

Concordia Lutheran School is a participant in the State of Indiana School Choice Scholarship program.  Guidelines and eligibility are determined by the State of Indiana, and are based upon family income levels and family size.  All families are encouraged to apply for this scholarship, as nearly all families will qualify.  Each family will receive the appropriate scholarship application and guidelines upon enrollment.

2)  Concordia Support Grant

Families that do not qualify for the Indiana Choice Scholarship may apply for the Concordia Support Grant.  Those forms are available through the school office and are provided upon request or as the need arises.

Preschool Scholarship Opportunities


1)   SGO Scholarship 

Families enrolling students in 4-year-old or 5-year-old Preschool (4 by August 1st of current year) who would like to be considered for financial assistance may do so by completing an SGO Application Form along with providing a brief explanation of the reasoning for the request.  Forms are available upon request through the school office.  Each year there will be a predetermined amount of scholarship funds made available.  Scholarship forms are due by June 30 each year and awards will be given in the month of July.  Award amounts are determined by need, number of requests, and the amount available for disbursement.

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