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Concordia Lutheran School produces outstanding students who are independent learners, thinkers, decision makers, and problem solvers. Without a doubt we are "Cubs Rising" and becoming an even more wonderful place for students and their teachers!

Concordia Elementary Annual Fund is our Annual Gifting Program designed to Grow a Legacy built on Caring for our future by Sharing Blessings. We are reaching out to our grandparents, friends and supporters of Concordia, and alumni to help us achieve an important goal~ building our students.


You may have noticed our campus is growing~ we are so blessed to have completed our new Wolf Arena made possible by the generosity of Mr. Paul Wolf! We are asking you for your help to build the most important part of our school- the students themselves.


Annual Fund gifts are targeted where they have the largest impact on the education of all of our students: technology and professional training and financial assistance. Your gift allows our students to interact and learn with the best technology, enables our teachers to remain at the cutting edge of their profession, and helps families,that otherwise could not afford a Concordia Lutheran School education.


Every Annual Fund gift is a statement of support and commitment to Concordia School and the kind of education we provide to our students. We ask you to join us in this endeavor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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