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  Concordia Cubs Athletics  

Our Athletic Director is Mr. Steve Grim.  Mr. Grim can be reached at or (260) 426-9922 x451

    Sports Offered     

               Fall Sports                                    Winter Sports                                    Spring Sports                     

           5th & 6th Boys Soccer               5th & 6th  Boys Basketball                    Track                            

           5th & 6th Girls Volleyball            5th & 6th Girls Basketball                      5th & 6th Girls Soccer  

           7th & 8th Boys Soccer               7th & 8th Boys Basketball                      7th & 8th Girls Soccer  

           7th & 8th Girls Volleyball            7th & 8th Girls Basketball                                                   

           5th - 8th Football                        Wrestling & Cheerleading         



  Coaching Opportunities  

Concordia uses both professional staff and volunteers to coach interscholastic sports teams.                                                           

Any volunteer coach must a certified adult volunteer at Concordia. This involves filling out an application, attending a training class, undergoing a    criminal background check and participating in a one on one interview.                                                                                                                           


Our highest priority in assigning coaches is the individual's Christian lifestyle and witness. Obviously, we are looking for individuals who love            sports, believe teaching and encouragement are at the heart of good coaching, and have a mature understanding of the role of victory in                  competition.

   League Affiliation   

Concordia Lutheran School is a member of the Lutheran School Athletic Association (LSAA), a group of Northeast Indiana Lutheran schools working together to provide high quality, Christ-centered athletics to students in elementary grades.                                     

The organization is run by the athletic directors of the member schools under the supervision of the school administrators.              

Please click HERE to visit the LSAA web site to learn more about this organization and league events.

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